Success Is Not Just A Dream

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The nature of a person when they see that their success is still far from the planned threshold, the most normal thing is to blame something. Sentences such as “The opportunity was not right”, “The timing was not right”, “Someone or something got in my way”, “It was an unlucky day” will come out of the person’s mouth.

Without realizing it, we are people who often hinder our own achievements. This statement is not intended to condemn or judge, but to suggest that we can increase our chances of success by looking at our own actions and asking ourselves about the resulting impact.

I will be successful at the age of 30.

Some people might say, “Ah, how could it be that with my condition like this, feeling like there are too many obstacles in front of my eyes makes my self-confidence disappear, even though this is very possible to happen only if you believe in your own abilities.”

Self-confidence is a condition where someone feels confident and recognizes their personal ability to do or complete something. Self-confidence also plays an important role in your actions in making decisions and can improve the quality of your work enthusiasm. The assessment can be caused by the positive or negative results of other people’s assessments. If the results of other people’s assessments of you are positive, then that person has a tendency to be self-confident. However, on the other hand, if many people’s assessments of you are negative, then psychologically someone will become “down”. This makes a person feel inferior or not confident 

To achieve success, believing and believing in yourself is the most basic thing. If from the start we are not sure and believe in our own abilities, how will we gain other people’s trust?

By making self-confidence the basis for acting, this will give rise to a person’s internal wealth, namely Mental, Thoughts, Feelings and Life Values.

Every successful person, whether male or female, has a high leadership spirit, a clear vision and mission and is able to work hard to achieve it all. However, it is impossible for people who do not have high confidence to achieve the success that everyone dreams of. People who are not confident will also find it difficult to find talents that need to be developed better and have selling points. Actually, success is not the final result. Success is something that is found when we achieve the vision and mission that we have created with full confidence in ourselves.

So, how do you change yourself to be better?

A person’s character will be seen clearly when words match actions. If we don’t take any action at all it will be difficult to change ourselves. There is a saying that “a people will not change unless the people themselves can change it”, so changing yourself through action is very important. Moving even a little is better than not moving at all. 

Success is not just a dream.

Memang siapa yang tidak ingin sukses? Usaha tidak mungkin mengkhianati hasil yang didapat. Ungkapan tersebut benar adanya asalkan kita mau berusaha dan percaya bahwa kita mampu melakukannya, terutama haruslah percaya  pada diri sendiri bahwa kita mampu mengubah kesuksesan menjadi sebuah realita dalam genggaman tangan.

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