Are Coldplay Pro Palestine? These are the Facts!

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Are Coldplay pro-Palestinian? In the midst of the current conflict in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, this question often arises. When many people around the world support Palestinian independence and the creation of peace there, knowing whether Coldplay also supports this “voice” feels important considering the magnitude of their influence. So, are Coldplay also pro-Palestinian? The facts that have come to light seem to say so. In fact, the support of the British rock band fronted by Chris Martin (vocalist), Jonny Buckland (guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist), and Will Champion (drummer) for freedom in Palestine has been echoed since 2011. Read Also Coldplay Calls for World Peace at Jakarta Concert, Touching on the Palestinian and Israeli Conflicts This can be seen from Coldplay’s upload on their Facebook page in 2011. There, Chris Martin and his friends uploaded the music video for the song “Freedom for Palestine” by OneWorld. This was interpreted as their indirect support for independence in Palestine. Another fact about Coldplay’s support for Palestine is their collaboration with Palestinian musician, Le Trio Joubran, when they performed the song Everyday of Life in 2019. Coldplay’s collaboration with Le Trio Joubran even produced a song called Arabesque. To promote the album Everyday of Life (2019), Coldplay appeared at a show at The Citadel, Amman, Jordan. In the middle of their performance, Chris Martin revealed that Coldplay supports peace. Apart from that, Coldplay also visited Palestine in 2017 to gain lots of lessons and inspiration. They also visited Israel at that time. Coldplay’s support for peace in Palestine was also conveyed by Chris Martin during a concert in Jakarta on November 15. Read Also Coldplay Reveals Desire to Perform Every Sunday in Jakarta According to the vocalist, the band he fronts always calls for world peace. Bandar Togel Terpercaya They also don’t believe in terrorism, oppression and colonialism. Because, for the band, every human being has the right to live life. Because of this, Chris Martin and his friends felt emotional when they saw the violence that occurred in the world, especially in Palestine and Congo. “As a band, we don’t believe in terrorism or oppression, or colonialism. We believe everyone has the right to be themselves,” said Chris Martin. “We are also full of feelings for whatever is happening throughout the world. In the Middle East (the Palestinian and Israeli conflict), in the Congo and various other places,” he continued.

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