Raffi Ahmad was reprimanded by KPPS officers because of this

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Jakarta –

Raffi Ahmad made an Instagram Story with Nagita Slavina at the TPS where he exercised his voting rights.

At that time, Raffi Ahmad was waiting for his turn to vote. He, who was sitting next to Nagita Slavina, then recorded the activity with his cellphone.

However, apparently, this was discovered by KPPS (Polling Organizing Group) officers, resulting in a warning. Even though at that time Raffi Ahmad was still sitting waiting for his turn and had not yet entered the voting booth.

“A Raffi apologizes that he is prohibited from documenting anything inside the TPS,” said one of the officers, Wednesday (14/2/2024).

Raffi Ahmad, who was reprimanded, immediately put his cellphone down.

“I see,” replied Raffi Ahmad briefly.

Meanwhile, Nagita Slavina, who was playing with her cellphone, turned to the officer who was reprimanding him and listened to what the officer had to say.

After that, it was Nagita Slavina’s turn to be called to vote. The mother of two children was also warned not to bring a bag. He then entrusted the bag to Raffi Ahmad.

Until the time came for Raffi Ahmad with number 181 to be called to vote.

Elections are freedom of choice, a basic right of every citizen. Voting booths are provided so that voters can exercise their right to vote freely and secretly.

Therefore, recording or taking photos while voting in the voting booth is a form of violation. This action violates the principle of confidentiality in elections.

If a violation is found, there will be sanctions for taking photos and recording in the voting booth. These sanctions have been explained in Article 500 of Law Number 7 of 2017 which reads:

“Any person who assists a voter who deliberately informs another person of the voter’s choice as intended in Article 364 paragraph (2) shall be punished with a maximum imprisonment of 1 (one) year and a maximum fine of IDR 12,000,000.00 (twelve million rupiah) .”

After voting, Raffi Ahmad felt relieved. Because he has used his voting rights to choose a leader.

“Five minutes for five years. Whoever the choice is, the important thing is that if we choose peace, we respect each other’s differences, respect each other’s choices,” said Raffi Ahmad.

On the same occasion, Raffi Ahmad revealed the criteria for his ideal leader and voiced that this election should be peaceful.

“Hopefully the leaders of this country can be trustworthy, hopefully the elections can be peaceful, whatever our choice, it’s okay to be different, this is Indonesian democracy, the important thing is that we respect each other, whoever wins, that’s the best,” hoped Raffi Ahmad.

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