Republican senator who voted to advance border bill says its failure knocks GOP credibility to negotiate 

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inggris A confusing and astonishing story comes from Pattaya, Thailand, where a 48-year-old British man, Ian Robbie Day, was caught up in a fake kidnapping drama to get extra money from his family in England.

Day, who was originally enjoying an exotic holiday in Pattaya, finds himself facing a financial crisis. Repeatedly asking his family to send him additional money, Day faced a difficult decision when his requests were rejected.

Funds originally allocated for booze, drugs, and other local indulgences run out, forcing Day to choose between ending his vacation or finding a sneaky way to get the money he so desperately needs. Namely convincing himself in front of his family that he was kidnapped and asking for ransom.

However, the action didn’t last long, here is our news summarizing the strange action of a man who faked fraud from his family as reported by the Daily Star,

In his final act, the man invited his friends to get involved in an astonishing plan. They posed as kidnappers and even beat Day to create convincing photos, in which he appeared to be attacked. This decision was taken in the hope that his family would respond by sending ransom money.

Day’s plan, although successful in causing her family to panic and report her kidnapping to the police, leads to an unexpected ending. Interpol, which was involved in handling this case, succeeded in tracking Day to a hotel in Pattaya. However, when police arrived at the scene, they found Day partying on drugs with three other foreigners.

“The family were worried and they contacted the police in the UK and Interpol was notified. Interpol contacted the Thai police and we tracked down the man. But when we arrived, they were having a party.”

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